Meet Akos Bodi

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Akos spent 6 years in a local salon before realizing his dream to train and work with TONY&GUY.

In 1996 he relocated to Dallas, TX and underwent his first Cosmetology training and later obtained his Teacher’s license.

Alongside working with clients in the DFW area, Akos taught beginner and advanced courses at the TONY&GUY Academy and worked extensively across the U.S. , Central and South America.

After the demerger of TIGI and TONY&GUY, Anthony Mascolo invited Akos to London to build the TIGI International Creative Team. His role quickly focused on TIGI’s education materials and Academy operations, leading to his role as European Creative Director where he developed and supported education teams all over Europe, Asia and Australia.

He worked on creative projects, advertising campaigns and educational collections, as well as planning and executing shows and seminars around the world. Behind the scenes, Akos worked tirelessly with Unilever’s R&D department to ensure cutting edge product innovation.

After 25 years with TONI&GUY and TIGI and as a core member of Anthony and Pat Mascolo’s team, Akos looks forward to sharing his knowledge and supporting a wider audience within the hairdressing community